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Alpha and Omega Gardening Water Regulation Response

The landscaping world is changing. Governor Jerry Brown has imposed new water saving regulations into landscape industry with a two day per week watering limitation. Enforcement is still pending development, but our landscape association the California Landscape Contractors Association is a member organization, has stated that the fines for violations are $500.00. They are targeting “repeat offenders” and not targeting businesses who struggle to be in compliance. We are all going to be required to be better water managers.

Alpha & Omega Gardening, is recommending an eight item response for our precious clients and their valuable landscapes.

The following are our recommendations:

  • Double day watering on allotted day, an early and late water start cycle to get water down slow and deeper.
  • Apply mulch to annual bedding as a water blanket to hold moisture in the ground.
  • Apply 6-24-24 fertilizer for root development and disease resistance to existing landscape turf.
  • Adjust mowing height, getting higher mowing heights for maximum turf vigor and water retention.
  • Sprinkler head efficiency with cleaner nozzles and higher sprinkler head settings to go over taller turf and produce even spray patterns.
  • Aeration of turf to improve turf water percolation.
  • Soil amending with products to loosen compacted soils and assist water percolation and retention. We use “Heart of Nature” blend.
  • Drip irrigation is a slow and efficient way to get maximum use of water in selected areas.

We are experiencing the most challenging times for landscape survival, the look will change during this time of water restriction and we will change to meet this challenge. We must talk to keep you up to date with what we can do to survive our new water restrictions.

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